• Does acupuncture work, and if so, how?
  • Is there scientific research to validate acupuncture’s effects?
  • What are its benefits?
  • Can children be treated with acupuncture?
  • Does it replace or complement conventional Western medicine?
  • Does acupuncture really help with fertility?
  • What does acupuncture treat and how can you use it for your health?

Many common ailments are the result of long-standing imbalances: including pain syndromes, fatigue, chronic sinus congestion, allergies, infertility, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and more. Learn how acupuncture effectively treats the source of these symptoms, helping your body heal itself.

Many patients are becoming increasingly aware that something is lacking in our health care and have begun to search for alternatives. Medical diagnosis, while providing a name for our illness, does not always come with a cure. Prescription drugs can be life-saving but they are overused and come with side-effects. All too often patients are told that they just have to live with their pain. For all of its strengths, modern medicine isolates and reduces each organ and function in the body to a stand-alone unit, with no relation to the system of which it is a part.

Acupuncture recognizes the body’s integrity. Every part “communicates” and connects with every other part. By restoring balance, acupuncture restores and promotes the body’s innate self-healing abilities.

Acupuncture Revolution provides the bridge between the ancient practice of acupuncture and modern medicine, and shows you how to use it – along with other forms of treatment –  for your health. Holistic health is not the rejection of conventional Western medicine; it is learning to use multiple approaches, each in the right way and at the right time, to support your health and wellness. The unique ability of acupuncture to restore balance and promote self-healing makes it an ideal complement to Western medicine. Learn where acupuncture comes from, how it views illness, what we know about it scientifically, what conditions it treats, how it heals and how to use it together with conventional medicine.

Janet HumphreyJanet Humphrey, M.S., L.Ac., is a biochemist turned acupuncturist. Integrating science with the ancient healing art of acupuncture, she guides patients in taking care of their own health. She advocates the wise use of all available approaches, with an emphasis on prevention and optimizing wellness. Learn more at janethumphrey.com.

The ‘Acupuncture Revolution’ is not a take-over of medicine by acupuncture. It is the infusion of a deeper understanding of healing that acupuncture carries into our medicine. Acupuncture is getting our attention. Science is studying it. It’s awakening us to a new yet old understanding of how the body works and how it heals. It’s opening the door for our approach to healing and medicine to remodel itself. In this way, it’s serving as ‘the medicine for our medicine.’

As a scientist turned acupuncturist, I believe the key to healing lies in the empowerment of the patient with knowledge. That includes understanding the body’s integrative healing nature and how you actively generate health at every stage of life. This awareness is at the heart of acupuncture healing. And yet, it can also empower you to live and use all forms of medicine in the best way possible. – Janet Humphrey, L.Ac.